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At Marlboro Prep, the students’ fundamental knowledge and skills are increased and broadened as important habits of work and study are established.



The focus of the language arts curriculum from learning to read and write to reading and writing to learn. Students read in groups and independently for personal enjoyment as well as for the acquisition of knowledge in a variety of fields. They are guided in discussions and conversations to interpret and analyze the books they read. The literature-based program offers a wide range of increasingly challenging children’s books.


The Writing Workshop is expanded as students continue to write creatively but also reflectively in their journals, as well as factually in research reports. Grammar, parts of speech, punctuation, spelling, and writing mechanics are all addressed through the students’ work. Cursive writing is introduced in Grade 2 and used exclusively by the end of the year.


Listening and speaking skills are developed through oral presentations and reports, conversations and discussions, book talks, and read-alouds. In conjunction with their language arts program, every Friday, the students have speech and drama class in which they learn and practice techniques of public speaking and dramatic presentation.



The mathematics program sets foundational concepts of place value and number operations. Throughout the year, the four basic number operations are explored in depth, and students work toward mastery of the multiplication facts through twelve. Further units include the study of linear and cubic measurement, elapsed timing, decimals, fractions, finance, geometry, and probability. A major portion of the program involves a “hands-on” approach, and special emphasis is placed on developing problem-solving strategies.



Social studies cover national and international news events throughout the year. Students are encouraged to look through newspapers and magazines for timely articles. Following a rotating schedule, individual students are assigned biweekly the responsibility of sharing current news stories with their classmates.

Grade 2 social studies revolve around the theme of a geographical World Tour. Through books, museums, videos, and Internet research, students “visit” the seven continents and learn about the unique characteristics and geography of each.



Science curriculum develops critical thinking skills and promotes general science literacy. Students investigate the nature of the world around them by carrying out experiments and organizing and recording data.

Students investigate concepts related to the interdependence between living things and the environment. They engage in in-depth studies of insects, earthworms, and soil.



Students explore a variety of art materials, processes and concepts. Art projects are developmentally based, with special attention given to advanced manipulative and technical skill-building in drawing and painting techniques, printmaking and collage.



Using various genres of music, students learn to develop their beautiful singing voices. In addition, they also participate in school concerts, conducted twice a year. Regular participation in assemblies and special programs encourages the joy of performing.



This level focuses on developmental exercises and physical activities, which enable the students to feel confident and comfortable participating in individual and team sports.



Students are taught the fundamentals of word processing, data entry as well as proper techniques to safely navigate the internet.  


During the school year students enjoy a variety of field trips, which enhance their learning and develop an appreciation for the interconnectedness of the curriculum.


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