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Preschool - Marboro Prep

Children have so much to learn and we believe they learn best through play & social interaction. Our affordable and top Preschool Program introduces your child to a formal education while embracing the idea that different children are “smart” in different ways.     


Preschool presents numerous academic challenges. 


In math, preschoolers are expected to learn to count with one-to-one correspondence between numbers and objects. They also learn to see patterns, which will lead them to abstract skills later on.  When they have fully grasped early counting, they go on to: counting to 50 by ones, twos, fives; and doing early addition/subtraction with hands-on manipulatives. 


Children are engaged with literacy activities that help them prepare for formal reading instruction.  


At Marlboro Prep age groupings are generally based on the child’s age as of September 1 of each new school year. Groupings are flexible and a child may be moved from one group to another to meet the child’s educational needs.


The Preschool Program is offered five, three and two days per week.  Our best curriculum was developed with the use of NJ’s Department of Education’s Preschool Teaching and Learning Expectations Standards.


Our staff members are certified in CPR by American Heart Association and in Pediatric First Aid by the American Red Cross.



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