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Early Education


Early Education  - Marlboro Prep

The Early Childhood Program (Nursery & Pre-School) focuses on the development of the whole child: intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical. Within a structured yet creative environment, the children learn to explore their world, communicate, make choices, and develop independence. As they grow in awareness of their own abilities and needs, they learn about the needs and abilities of others. The students begin to understand their role as members of a community based on mutual respect, sharing, and love.



The language arts program encourages children to develop both receptive and expressive forms of language. By enriching and expanding vocabulary, the children develop the ability to communicate and to listen with understanding. The curriculum is designed to promote reading readiness along with strengthening appropriate listening and verbal skills. As they become ready, children begin to recognize letters and develop an awareness of letter-sound relationships.



The program for the Nursery class focuses on the development of a basic understanding of mathematical concepts and relationships. Instruction is approached through the use of games, observations, discussions, and discoveries made while using manipulative. Children learn how to count, add, compare, sort, and organize materials as a basis for the development of symbolic and ultimately abstract thought.



Art is an integral part of the Early Education program, designed to offer children experiences that promote creativity, expression, and experimentation. Through a wide variety of experiences, the children develop increased fine motor skills, spatial perception.  


The Early Education music program is offered two times per week and provides varied opportunities to experience and explore music. Folk music, rhymes, dance, creative movement, and instrumental play form the basis of a multi-sensory approach to music.



Students engage in activities that encourage exploration through movement. Play involves fine and gross motor skills and eye-hand coordination.



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