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Dear Parents,


We welcome you and invite you to experience what camp really should be about… the children, their learning, growth and creating a positive experience.   


Marlboro Prep’s Summer Program 
runs from the last week in June through the second week in September. 

Daily hours are
  7am to 8pm.


During the summer children participate in a range of physical fitness activities. Our coaches offer a balance of sports instruction, games, recreational fitness opportunities, and competitive play in tournaments.


Because your child’s development never takes a vacation, our summer activities include a weekly 
educational program. Statistically, during
 the summer, children lose a fifth of what they 
learned during the previous school year. 

educational review program works to counter 
that and helps keep young minds fresh for the
 next school year.


Marlboro Prep’s students enjoy the summer weather at on-site playground, and water play activities are also conducted. Weekly, monitored field trips to fun destinations like Keansburg Water Park, Roller Skating Trips, Bowling, Dinosaur Field Station, Liberty Science Center and many more are conducted throughout the summer.


We do our best to make this summer camp experience the best your child has ever had. 

We have an amazing crew of wonderful, skilled teachers just waiting for our summer venture together.



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